SIMPLAS is a Newton-Raphson-based Finite Element (FE) package dedicated to nonlinear and nonsmooth problems of solid mechanics. Finite strain behavior, realistic constitutive laws, frictional contact, nonlinear multiple-point constraints and fracture (brittle, quasi-brittle and ductile cases) are simulated using robust, fully-tested algorithms.

Both quasi-static and inertial behavior is available. Spatial discretization is based on continuum (2D and 3D elements) and shell elements. From the user’s perspective, the package contains two main software components: SimPre (a general postprocessor) and SimPlas (the simulation code). We strongly favor incremental developments and focus on:

Besides classical finite strain analysis with hyperelastic, elasto-plastic and visco-plastic constitutive laws, SIMPLAS also contains specially well tested frictional contact algorithms, finite strain fracture (including delamination of composites) and multiple-point constraints. SIMPLAS was created by Pedro Areias, beginning in 1996 and has been improved, extended and continuously tested since that year.